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Our Story

GUREN Engineering was founded in 2020 by Sarp G├╝renli in Istanbul to work in project design, analysis, consultancy and project management activities for various sectors. Our company serves as a professional in aerospace, automotive, energy, defense, mining, maritime, construction, automation and electrical & electronics.

Our Mission

To provide the best and quality service that meets the expectations of our customers by completing the services that we have committed in our contracts with our customers in accordance with the applicable laws, ethical rules, Company principles , within the budget and time stipulated in the requested standards.

Our Beliefs

With its customer-oriented, uncompromising engineering service approach, with a regular growth target in both national and international markets, it is to be a company that can fully meet strong customer demands at any scale.

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Our Services


With metal / plastic spliced manufacturing solutions, we save time moving from the computer environment to the prototyping stage. We deliver plastic prototypes within 2 weeks and metal printing prototypes within 3 weeks.

Electrical & Electronics

Considering the project needs, we design the most appropriate systems for your needs. We prototype and test the circuits we design and comply with quality standards.


Thanks to this method used to calculate the interaction of fluids, we are able to create engineering solutions for you. Our services, which we provide with GUREN LS and Openfoam, are also available with other package programs in the market according to the project demands.


We are able to model and design for your needs. We prepare parametric design macros in accordance with demand and put forward sustainable works.  


You can view your projects in the form of pictures or animations by having them created in the computer environment in the closest way to reality. Decide your projects’ decisions without going to the prototype stage with our visualization service or create impressive marketing materials.

Reverse Engineering

We provide services to the sector in reverse engineering with laser scanning technology. Thanks to our devices, we can scan with a sensitivity of 0.013 mm.