Design for us …

Using today’s modern techniques, we bring together the designs that stand out with their functionalities suitable for the purpose with the world.
Our facilities

Along with solid modeling, we can create a wide range of solutions with surface modeling solutions, as well as increase the efficiency of existing systems by reverse engineering. We shape ourselves according to changing needs and demands.

Mask & Disinfectant Vending Machine

In line with the needs, the mechanical design of the disinfectant and mask automat was made with RFID card.

Cargo Ship

A 16000 DWT hull with a low resistance coefficient was designed for the shipbuilder. Also, the same body has been used by UK Universities in academic research.

Warehouse Robot

In our project, where we have realized the mechanical designs, the mechanical designs of the robot, which provides the transfer of materials in the warehouse in an automation manner, have been realized.

Waterjet Cutting

The cutting bench with 3x6m cutting area is designed with all its components.