GUREN Engineering was founded in 2020 by Sarp Gürenli in Istanbul to work in project design, analysis, consultancy and project management activities for various sectors. Our company serves as a professional in maritime and yacht industries.


With its customer-oriented, uncompromising engineering service approach, with a regular growth target in both national and international markets, it is to be a company that can fully meet strong customer demands at any scale.


To provide the best and quality service that meets the expectations of our customers by completing the services that we have committed in our contracts with our customers in accordance with the applicable laws, ethical rules, Company principles , within the budget and time stipulated in the requested standards.


We perform our activities to

• document, certificate and continuously improve our Quality Management System to comply with the ISO 9001 standard requirements,
• attain organizational and departmental targets with team-work concept, taking  Total Quality Philosophy into account,
• review our work processes by conducting a self assessment program and define proactive activities to improve our overall performance,
• enhance productivity of all our processes to a level of international competition in direction of continuous improvement approach, 
• encourage innovative and creative approaches, and conduct trainings to increase technical and behavioral competencies

accompanying the Environmental, Health and Safety Management Systems and we strive to set a model in durable goods sector with regard to quality efforts.