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Why analysis?

Engineers use analysis methods to reduce the number of physical prototypes and experiments and optimize components at the design stage to develop better products. As a result, the analysis made reduces R&D costs and provides financial and time savings.


Thanks to our extensive experience, we create solutions that bring results to your needs, while providing better opportunities in terms of cost / efficiency compared to equivalent solutions in the sector, thanks to our use of open source programs.

Finite Element Analysis

  • Static Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Implicit / Explicit Analysis

Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • Circuit cooling analysis
  • Analysis of power machines
  • Aerodynamic analysis of air and land vehicles
  • Hydrodynamic analysis of ships


Investigation of the Strength of the Composite Structure

The chassis structure with hybrid construction was analyzed under the desired conditions, reduction was achieved in prototype production and process optimization was achieved.

Ballistic Performance Analysis

Layer optimization was performed along with ballistic collision simulation to meet the STANAG capabilities.

Race Boat Resistance Analysis

In the analysis performed on different wave models, the ship resistance is calculated with the help of computational fluid mechanics and its situation has been investigated. Our analysis servers were completed in 2400 core hours.


With the help of computational fluid dynamics, the aerodynamic performance data of the aircraft were determined.

Single Stage Gas Turbine

Thermal analyzes were performed for the gas turbine with a single-stage turbine and compressor, and optimization was performed against possible thermal deformations.

Internal-combustion engine

The combustion condition in the cylinder has been analyzed.