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APU Development

  • Client Classified
  • Category Advance Engineering
  • Date 2020

This project aims to design and develop a Military Specification (MIL-SPEC) Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) featuring a high-performance diesel engine. The APU is intended to meet stringent military standards for durability, reliability, and efficiency, providing a robust power source for various military applications, including ground vehicles, armored vehicles, and field command centers.


  1. MIL-SPEC Compliance: Design the diesel engine APU to comply with military specifications, ensuring that the system meets or exceeds the required standards for ruggedness, environmental resistance, and performance in harsh operational conditions.

  2. Power Generation Capacity: Develop a diesel engine APU capable of providing a reliable and consistent power supply for auxiliary systems, electronics, and equipment used in military vehicles and field operations.

  3. Fuel Efficiency and Range: Optimize the diesel engine for fuel efficiency to maximize the operational range of military vehicles equipped with the APU. Implement advanced fuel injection and combustion technologies to achieve optimal performance.

  4. Durability and Reliability: Engineer the APU for exceptional durability and reliability, considering the demanding operational environments typical in military scenarios. Conduct rigorous testing and simulations to ensure the APU can withstand extreme temperatures, vibrations, and mechanical stresses.

  5. Adaptability and Integration: Design the APU for seamless integration into various military platforms, allowing for easy adaptation to different vehicle architectures. Consider compatibility with existing electrical and control systems.

  6. Silent Operation: Focus on reducing noise emissions during APU operation to maintain stealth and minimize the acoustic signature of military vehicles, especially in tactical situations.

  7. Testing and Validation: Conduct extensive testing, including bench testing and field trials, to validate the performance, durability, and reliability of the diesel engine APU in real-world military conditions.